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Studio Magazin

About the Studio Magazin Archiv

For every music producer or studio technology enthusiast, the Studio Magazin Archiv is a unique source of a plethora of information on music production and recording equipment. No matter whether it is about studio reports, interviews with recording engineers, tests of recording equipment, market reviews or articles on the nuts and bolts of the trade – everyone who is seriously interested in the subject matter will gain deep insights into music recording techniques back in the days of yore. Even though a lot has changed since then, many contributions are still highly relevant (or have become highly relevant again). An interview, conducted by Amazona to coincide with the opening of the Studio Magazin Archiv, can be found here.
Up to now, all magazines from 1978 to 1986 have been digitized, and more volumes are to follow in the near future.

How to use the archive: By clicking on one of the magazine sleeves in the main menu section of the archive, the fully detailed corresponding site will open up. The list of contents to the right will give you a brief overview of what to find in the issue selected. By clicking onto the sleeve, you will directly get to the issue. The quality of the reproduction of images depends on the resolution of the monitor used but it should be well readable on any kind of medium. Once the issue has been opened, various functions will be available, for example full-screen display, a magnifying glass, and a search engine.

The index of subjects and persons is the quickest and most global way of finding and accessing articles. Here, you will find numerous keywords and names listed which will guide you directly to the corresponding page of the magazine in question.
The search engine in the main menu is currently focussing on the contents listed next to the magazines.

Happy browsing!