Echoschall - Verleih von Mikrofonen, Synthesizern und Audiotechnik in Berlin. Alles für die perfekte Aufnahme.

Equipment Rental


Welcome to Echoschall

– Berlin’s biggest rental service for professional sound recording equipment!

Echoschall Berlin rents nationwide a top class assortment of studio microphones, mic preamps, di-boxes, audio compressors, audio interfaces, digital converter, studio monitors and other recording equipment with which recordings of all styles of music can be accomplished at the highest level. The rental assortment includes both classical and modern studio equipment. In addition, we also rent synthesizers, drumcomputers and other electronic sound gear.
Echoschall is also an authorized dealer of Sennheiser, Neumann, Microtech Gefell, Schoeps, MBHO, Vox-O-Rama and Paulyton.

Our offer is addressed to expert musicians and recording engineers who want to achieve ambitious and lively audio recordings in uncompromising quality. There is nothing as important as a first class recording set-up because an inferior recording is very difficult to improve at a later date. Through Echoschall Rental recording studios have the possibility to augment their own audio equipment as required.
With this English version of our website we also welcome microphone enthusiasts and other people outside Germany interested in recording gear to a browsing tour through our wide range of equipment!

The rental equipment is professional audio studio technology. It is not designed for sound reinforcement, and therefore may not be used for PA purposes. Live recordings of jazz and classical concerts as well as theatre plays are permitted.
We ship microphones, preamps and other outboard equipment within Germany and some neighboring countries. Keyboards are excluded from shipping.

Our prices include 19% VAT!