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Echoschall - Verleih von Mikrofonen, Synthesizern und Audiotechnik in Berlin. Alles für die perfekte Aufnahme.

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Welcome to Echoschall

– Berlin’s biggest rental service for professional recording equipment and electronic musical instruments!

Echoschall Berlin hires out professional recording studio technology like microphones, preamps, studio mixers, DI boxes, compressors, audio interfaces, A/D converters, and studio monitor speakers as well as electronic sound-makers like synthesizers, drum computers, and effects devices. With our studio equipment at your disposal, recordings of all types of musical genres can be accomplished at top-notch quality. The range of machinery for rent covers classic as well as recent recording technology.
Apart from that, Echoschall is authorized dealer of the manufacturers Sennheiser, Neumann, Microtech Gefell, Schoeps, Austrian Audio, Vox-O-Rama, Extinct Audio and Paulyton.

As Germany's only studio equipment rental, we also have some of the most desirable and sought-after studio microphones for recording vocals in our assortment, e. g. Neumann's U47, Neumann's M49, Neumann's U67, and AKG's C12. Those legendary valve-based large-diaphragm microphones have internationally been indispensable for decades when it comes to recording vocals the way they should be recorded. While we are at it, Echoschall Berlin is the only authorized Neumann dealer where enthusiasts can compare (and purchase) Neumann's re-issued U67 against an original vintage example.

Tried and trusted small-diaphragm microphones like Schoeps' Colette, Neumann's KM84 or Sennheiser's MKH40 complement the selection of condenser microphones very well, thanks to their rather neutral character. But then again, characterful ribbon-microphones like the Coles 4038, the Melodium 42B or the Royer R-121 represent a more voluminous and rounded type of quality which lends itself particularly well to the recording of brass sections, drums, or amplified guitars. There also is an entire range of popular moving-coil dynamic microphones that can be rented from us, among them classics like Shure's SM7B, Electro-Voice's RE20 as well as Sennheiser's MD421 and MD441 – all of them a backbone of a good many studios.

The range of equipment for rent is primarily aimed at expert musicians and recording engineers who strive to produce vibrant recordings at an absolutely uncompromising quality. There is nothing more crucial to perfect results than a perfect signal chain since recordings of inferior quality can hardly be remedied by further processing. For recording studios, renting equipment that normally is not part of their arsenals is a cost-effective way of complementing what is already there.

Our audio equipment for rent is high-class recording studio technology. It is not suited to PA applications and must by no means be used for this type of purpose. Live recordings of jazz concerts or performances of classical music as well as theatre plays are possible, of course.
We are prepared to ship microphones, outboard gear and smaller electronic sound-makers within Germany and to adjacent countries – keyboard instruments, however, are excepted from shipping. More information on shipping can be found here.

With this English version of our website we also welcome microphone enthusiasts and other people outside Germany interested in recording gear to a browsing tour through our wide range of equipment!

Our prices include 19% VAT!