Echoschall - Verleih von Mikrofonen, Synthesizern und Audiotechnik in Berlin. Alles für die perfekte Aufnahme.

Equipment Rental



Echoschall Sound Equipment Rental offers a fine selection of first class studio technology with which audio recordings can be realized in the highest quality. For the first time ever it is possible to rent legendary vintage microphones and preamps in Berlin. 
Recently, we also rent electronic musical instruments which provide with their intuitive operation and their vibrant sounds the optimal conditions for exciting sound creations. The offer includes analog synthesizerspercussion synthesizerscontrollers and effect pedals.

Range of equipment available for rent

We rent both vintage studio equipment of the fifties and sixties as well as modern studio gear. The microphone selection ranges from famous Neumann tube microphones through rare ribbon microphones up to the approval moving coil microphone models. Our mic preamps are famous vintage preamps of German broadcasting technology. They were rebuilt and put in solid 19” racks or lunchboxes.
The offer is rounded off by a wide range of recording accessories such as headphones, headphone amplifiersstandspop screenselastic suspensions and first class broadband absorbers.

Our range of audio equipment is constantly expanding.

Equipment maintenance and servicing

It goes without saying that all the pieces of equipment for rent are technically checked and have been repaired where necessary by an expert technician. The condenser microphones were serviced by Andreas Grosser – one of the leading experts in this field. The ribbon microphones were overhauled by several people: Olaf Prinz (Siemens Ela M 25), Mark Fouxman (Bang & Olufsen BM5) and Beyerdynamic (company owned models). Bernd Wagner of Service für Studiotechnik and Eckehard Dux are responsible for maintenance and preamp racking. 

We would like to express our gratitude to Klaus Kirchhöfer (Beyerdynamic) who checked a great amount of older studio microphones of diverse manufacturers in the measuring room for the technical data. 

Many pieces of equipment are very rare items which cannot be replaced, should they be damaged. For this reason, the renter is obliged to observe the regulations for using the microphones.

Delivery set

The prices for the microphone rentals are set prices!

  • All large-diaphragm condenser microphones are hired out depending on the type of microphone with a power supply unit and a microphone cable, an original shock mount and audio cable. One can also choose a stand mount swivel as an alternative.
  • All small-diaphragm condenser microphones are hired out depending on the type of microphone with a power supply unit and a microphone cable, an elastic suspension and audio cable. Alternatively one can choose a microphone clamp instead of an elastic suspension.
  • According to the model, ribbon and moving coil microphones come with a stand adapter or a microphone clamp.
  • Besides standspop screens and acoustic modules can also be borrowed free of charge – as available.
  • Microphones will be given to the renter in sturdy Peli Storm cases and preamp racks in solid Amptown cases. 


The rental recording gear can be collected by appointment at our head office in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. 

Please bring along: 

  1. A valid ID card or a valid passport along with a current application confirmation
  2. 100 € cash deposit
  3. For insurance reasons it is additionally necessary to bring the following for the Neumann models U47M49U67 and the AKG C12:

    a trade licence
    or proof of a freelance work in the field of music/film/media
    or an authorization of a public corporation
    or an authorization of a registered association or club