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Neumann Gefell CMV563

Neumann Gefell CMV563 (+ M7S)

Neumann Gefell CMV563

Proven tube microphone amplifier by Neumann Gefell

  • can be equipped with different capsules: M7s (cardioid), M8s (figure-8), M9s (omni) and M55K (omni)
  • the item for hire will be given out with the M7s (which is also installed in the Neumann U47 and M49); alternative installation of the M55K possible
  • tube: EC92 triode
  • well-balanced sound with a clearly defined bass range and smooth trebles
  • the CMV 563 is produced by the successor company Microtech Gefell again since 2011 – in this case the tube used is an EF86
  • both specimens for hire underwent a thorough service by Andreas Grosser, the capsules were reskinned by Siegfried Thiersch
  • manufacturing period: 1956-1972

Favourite applications (with M7S): all-purpose. Ideal for vocals but also for numerous acoustic instruments (woodwinds, brass, strings)

  • 1 Day32 €
  • 2 Days54 €
  • Weekend
    70 €