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Neumann U47

Neumann U 47

Neumann U47

The legend

  • the U47 is regularly used all over the world up to today in professional productions due to its excellent sound characteristics
  • first condenser microphone with switchable polar patterns (omni, cardioid)
  • capsules: M7 (glued diaphragm) or K47 (screwed diaph.)
  • VF14M tube, BV-08 output transformer
  • very low self-noise (14 dBA)
  • powerful, clear sound with graceful character of its own
  • 'mix-ready' signal with a slight presence boost in the upper mids
  • soft treble rounding due to the reflections within the grill
  • serviced by Andreas Grosser
  • manufacturing period: 1949-1963

Favourite applications: the studio standard microphone for vocals (BeatlesFrank Sinatra … ); also suitable for acoustic guitar, piano, upright bass, sax (J. Coltrane), room

  • 1 Day69 €
  • 2 Days116 €
  • Weekend
    150 €