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Echoschall - Verleih von Mikrofonen, Synthesizern und Audiotechnik in Berlin. Alles für die perfekte Aufnahme.

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Neumann EA 87 Neumann DA-KM Rycote INV-6 P&P SMA

Elastic Suspensions

Elastic suspensions are accessories attached to our large diaphragm microphones. Most of all this concerns the original manufacturer’s shock mounts – in the case of Neumann all their specimens originate from Neumann themselves or their former component supplier P & P. With every large diaphragm microphone one can optionally hire a shock mount or a stand mount swivel free of charge.

Rycote’s elastic suspension has proved successful with the small diaphragm microphones. They provide an effective absorption during vibrations. With every small diaphragm microphone one can optionally rent a shock mount or a microphone clamp free of charge. The suspension Neumann DA-KM (Manufacturer: Rycote) is designed for M/S applications.