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AKG D112

AKG D112

AKG D112

Successor of the D12 from the 80s

  • known as the "egg"
  • specially developed for the recording of the bass drum and other bass instruments
  • has more presence and assertiveness than its predecessors due to the narrowband frequency boost at 4 kHz
  • tolerates extremely high sound pressure levels
  • low susceptibility to feedbacks
  • cardioid polar pattern
  • for rent are a rare copy from Austrian production with a black instead of a green half-ring (weight: 316 g) and a copy of the currently available version which is made in China (weight: 288 g, photo)
  • manufacturing period: since 1986

Favourite applications: studio standard for bass drum. It is also used for bass amps and tuba.

  • 1 Day9 €
  • 2 Days15 €
  • Weekend
    20 €