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Equipment Rental

Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B

Popular studio microphone for loud rock vocals and podcast productions

  • dynamic classic for pop and rock singing as well as for speech applications (podcast etc.)
  • you can sing extremely close to it due to the fact that the capsule is arranged in a protective wire cage which is relegated about 5cm to the back; cardioid pattern
  • sound-optimizing possible by means of adjustable bass roll-off and presence boost
  • more balanced sound-wise than the SM57/SM58
  • helps the vocals to greater assertiveness during loud music
  • relatively low sensitivity requires a high-quality, low-noise preamp, especially for voice recordings
  • five items for hire
  • manufacturing period: since 1973 (SM7)

Favourite applications: studio standard for rock vocals. Also often used for voice applications (podcasts) and the micing of guitar and bass amps

  • 1 Day12 €
  • 2 Days20 €
  • Weekend
    26 €