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Beyerdynamic M130

Beyerdynamic M130

Beyerdynamic M130

The counterpart of the M160

  • double ribbon microphone with classic figure-8 pattern
  • as the M160 nearly unmodified manufacturing for more than 60 years
  • minimum dimensions (only 5 inch long)
  • equipped with the same output transformer (turns ratio of 1:30) and the same specially embossed ribbon (5 µm thick) as the M160
  • fine resolution with a very good transient response
  • uncoloured, natural sound
  • ideal for stereo ribbon combinations: M/S-stereo with M160 (hypercardioid) and Blumlein array with two M130 possible
  • matching stereo clips are included free of charge
  • manufacturing period: since 1957

Favourite applications: M/S-stereo (with M160), Blumlein-stereo (2x M130); recording of instruments with more surround sound than with the M160; due to the figure-8 pattern well-suited for placement between toms, congas, background singers among others

  • 1 Day18 €
  • 2 Days30 €
  • Weekend
    39 €