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Manley Dual Mono Tube Direct Interface DI-Box

Manley Dual Mono Tube Direct Interface

An absolutely top class two-channel DI box

  • gives a warm and clear tube sound to attached instruments
  • low-noise tube circuit that uses deliberately subtle distortions to provide an amp-like sound character
  • 5-step high-pass filter for optimal sound setting
  • ground lift switch
  • boost switch (17 dB gain)
  • tube complement: 2x twin triode 5751 (similar to 12AX7/ECC83)
  • unbalanced outputs for connection to an amp
  • transformer-balanced outputs: These outputs are designed to provide a direct feed from the DI box to mic pre inputs. We recommend the Lorenz V241 tube preamp for this application. The combination Manley DI Box and Lorenz V241 is the perfect choice for a first-class, powerful direct signal!
  • manufacturing period: 1990-2013

Favourite applications: Perfect recording tool for balancing direct signals of bass, guitars, organs and synthesizers! Outstanding results even in the use with amp simulations. The Signal is audibly enhanced when balancing and sounds more three-dimensional.

  • 1 Day20 €
  • 2 Days34 €
  • Weekend
    44 €