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Zoom H6 Field Recorder

Zoom H6 Field Recorder

Versatile and easy-to-use six-track recorder

For numerous years, Zoom has been the market leader at field recorders. Earlier models like their H4 were a bit awkward to use but their H6 succeeds in combining ease of operation with an unprecedented flexibility. Its audio converters are of fairly impressive quality, and the microphone preamps are sufficient for most applications.

In its basic version, four external microphones can be connected to the H6. In addition to that, the manufacturer offers two stereo sets of microphone capsules (for X/Y and M/S applications) that can be plugged into the top of the unit. We at Echoschall also have the Zoom EXH-6 plug-in available which expands the H6 by two external input channels which can be used alternatively to the Zoom capsules. In contrast to the other four inputs, the two additional input channels cannot be operated using 48V phantom voltage – those two inputs are exclusive to dynamic microphones or line-level signals. When recording loud microphone or line-level signals, the 20 dB pad function should be active.


  • portable field recorder with up to six simultaneously available recording channels
  • SD card memory (16, 32, or 64 GB)
  • two stereo microphone capsules included (X/Y or M/S), can be used optionally
  • four input channels for external microphones or line-level signals (XLR jacks and 1/4” jacks combined)
  • expandable to up to six input channels by means of the Zoom EXH-6 plug-in expansion module (can be used alternatively to the capsules originally included)
  • can be used as an audio interface with six-channel maximum
  • 55 dB of input amplification for external microphones
  • 20 dB pad for each of the four microphone inputs
  • 48 V phantom power for inputs 1-4 (can be activated individually per channel)
  • line-level output (stereo mini jack)
  • headphones output (stereo mini jack)
  • built-in loudspeaker
  • WAV format with 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz bandwidth, at 16 or 24-bit rate
  • powered via USB power supply (included) or four AA-type batteries
  • weight: 280 gr. (without additional plug-in microphones)
  • manufacturing period: since 2013
  • 1 Day20 €
  • 2 Days34 €
  • Weekend
    44 €