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Telefunken Ela V504 tube mixer

Telefunken Ela V504 Tube Mixing Desk

Compact mixer with rich tube sound

Properties of the Ela V504:

  • two inputs for dynamic microphones (max. gain: 68 dB)
  • two inputs for condenser microphones (max. gain: 50 dB)
  • one line input (max. gain: -4 dB)
  • max. input level (1% harmonic distortion)
    input 1/2: -30 dB
    input 3/4: -15 dB
    line input: 20 dB
  • gain continuously adjustable
  • low and high shelving filters: highs +10/-15 dB, lows +/-12 dB adjustable
  • three balanced, individually adjustable mono outputs
  • monitoring: loudspeaker (can also be used as talkback microphone), headphone jack, magic eye tube
  • six tubes: 3x ECC81 (2x mic gain/1x EQ), EL41 (power gain), EC92 (speaker), EM80 (magic eye)
  • the matching adapters to XLR for the four microphone inputs, the radio input (line signals) and the three summing outputs are supplied
  • manufacturing period: 1953-1959
  • weight (incl. case): 12 kg
  • 1 Day35 €
  • 2 Days58 €
  • Weekend
    75 €