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Neumann U 67 microphone

Neumann U67

Neumann U67

Neumann’s magnificent sixties tube classic 

  • popular working tool of many legendary pop and jazz greats 
  • provided with the famous K67 capsule which is also used in the M269c, U87Ai, TLM67 and USM69
  • polar pattern can be adjusted at the body
  • first Neumann microphone with optional bass roll-off 
  • the switchable pre-attenuation and the only slight treble boost were the attractive features of the U67 during the upcoming close micing in the sixties
  • assertive accented mid-range tone with smooth trebles 
  • one vintage copy and one U67 from the current reissue of 2018
  • manufacturing period: 1960 to 1971, there was a limited remake of 400 copies in 1992 and an unlimited remake in 2018: Click here for U67 sale!

Favourite applications: very flexible! vocals, overhead, wind section, cello, upright bass, guitar amp (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, AC/DC), acoustic guitar, ao

  • 1 Day54 €
  • 2 Days90 €
  • Weekend
    117 €