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Neumann USM 69 stereo microphone

Neumann USM69

Neumann USM69

Flexible one point stereo microphone

  • after SM69 (1964-1973) and SM69 fet (1970-2010) Neumann's third stereo large diaphragm microphone
  • two independent, identically constructed mics in one housing
  • for all coincident stereo techniques: X/Y, M/S, Blumlein
  • five polar patterns per channel switchable: omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure of eight
  • use as two-channel mono microphone allows the polar patterns to be remotely adjusted
  • same capsules (K67s) as in U67 and U87Ai; but unlike those it's not equipped with a low-pass filter. It's diffuse field optimized
  • upper capsule may be rotated over 270° against the lower one
  • microphone amplifiers are based on the circuit of the U47fet
  • low self noise; tolerates very high sound pressure level
  • manufacturing period: since 1979

Favourite applications: high-quality stereo microphone for recording orchestra, choir and instrumental ensembles. Can also be used as a bright sounding vocal mic (similar to Sony C800g)

  • 1 Day46 €
  • 2 Days76 €
  • Weekend
    99 €