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Neumann U89

Neumann U89

Neumann U89

Large-diaphragm microphone with neutral sound characteristics

  • Neumann's last classically designed studio microphone with output transformer
  • similarly proportioned, smaller housing than the U87
  • newly developed capsule (K89), which was later also used in other models (TLM170, TLM193)
  • circuit design strongly based on that of the U47 fet
  • 5 directional characteristics (omni, cardioid, wide cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-8)
  • pad (-6 dB) and bass roll-off (80/160 Hz) switchable
  • tolerates very high sound pressure levels (134 or 140 dB)
  • largely linear frequency response with a slight presence reduction, which is typical for this capsule
  • manufacturing period: since 1979

Favourite applications: specialist for brass instruments. Also suitable for speech, high strings as well as for female voices, which tend to sharpness in the upper mids.

  • 1 Day28 €
  • 2 Days46 €
  • Weekend
    60 €