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Neumann U47fet

Neumann U47 fet

Neumann U47 fet

First choice for loud sound sources

  • solid-state successor of the legendary U47
  • was developed between 1969 and 1972 under the leadership of the famous Neumann chief engineer Gerhart Boré (U67SM23U87 etc.)
  • due to the complex circuit design with a huge output transformer the U47 fet handles even the highest SPLs (up to 137 dB, with attenuation up to 147 dB!)
  • equipped with the same type of capsule (K47) as late U47s
  • cardioid polar pattern
  • switch for pre-attenuation (-10 dB), output attenuation (-6 dB) and low-cut (140 Hz)
  • manufacturing period: 1972-1986, in October 2014 Neumann has resumed the production of this microphone

Favourite applications: similar to dynamic microphones: in front of the bass drum (often combined with a dynamic microphone in the BD), bass amp, brass instruments, upright bass, vocals (especially male voices)

  • 1 Day35 €
  • 2 Days58 €
  • Weekend
    75 €