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Echoschall - Verleih von Mikrofonen, Synthesizern und Audiotechnik in Berlin. Alles für die perfekte Aufnahme.

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Beyerdynamic M100

Beyerdynamic M100

Beyerdynamic M100

Great sounding dynamic omni microphone

  • dynamic microphone in studio quality with almost the same small size as the Neumann KM53 small diaphragm condenser microphone, which appeared a few years earlier
  • was the result of many years of development and in the mid-1950s, a true innovation in terms of size reduction of dynamic microphones
  • fulfilled the high technical requirements of the German public broadcasters
  • up-market cylindrical body
  • wide frequency range
  • balanced frequency response in a diffuse sound field
  • open and natural sound
  • manufacturing period: 1955-1969

Favourite applications: speech, room microphone

  • 1 Day7 €
  • 2 Days12 €
  • Weekend
    16 €