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Sennheiser MD421

Sennheiser MD421

Sennheiser MD421

The Sennheiser classic par excellence

  • over the decades there were several versions which differed in connectors, color and the bass roll-off switch
  • cardioid pattern
  • withstands high sound pressure levels
  • 5-step bass roll-off switch
  • brilliant sound due to pronounced boost above 1 kHz with a maximum peak of about 6 dB at 5 kHz
  • the items for hire are of the MD421-U4 type (3x) and the currently sold MD421-II (2x); both models black and with XLR connectors
  • manufacturing period: since 1960

Favourite applications: studio standard for toms and guitar amp. Also superbly suitable for: bass drum, snare, percussion and saxophone

  • 1 Day11 €
  • 2 Days18 €
  • Weekend
    23 €