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Sennheiser MD21

Sennheiser MD21

Sennheiser MD21

The longest constantly produced moving coil microphone worldwide

  • it was developed for broadcasting service. Here it was used for reports and TV shows
  • very sturdy body
  • insensitive to wind and structure-borne noise
  • distortion-free transmission even at very high sound pressure levels
  • no falsifications in the low-ends during close micing due to its character as a pressure transducer
  • boosting the brilliance above 3kHz
  • the items for hire are of the MD21-2 type with grey hammer scale paintwork
  • manufacturing period: since 1953

Favourite applications: close micing of acoustic instruments, speech, room microphone

  • 1 Day8 €
  • 2 Days14 €
  • Weekend
    18 €