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Sennheiser MD409

Sennheiser MD409

Sennheiser MD409

The legendary guitar briquet

  • all-time favorite mic for recording guitar amps and other loud signals
  • tolerates very high SPL due to its large diaphragm
  • cardioid pattern; great feedback protection
  • nice proximity effect, with which the bass content can be controlled very well by changing the distance to the signal source 
  • smooth, detailed sound
  • was replaced by the cheaper to produce models E609 (first version) and E906, which however have not achieved the cult status of the classic
  • the item for hire is the last version MD409 U3 (XLR)
  • manufacturing period: MD409N: 1967–1977 (OEM version Echolette ES14 was introduced a few years earlier), MD409U3: 1985-1994

Favourite applications: provides great results in front of guitar amps. Also excellent suitable for toms, percussion (conga/bongo) and brass

  • 1 Day12 €
  • 2 Days20 €
  • Weekend
    26 €