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Beyerdynamic M260

Beyerdynamic M260

Beyerdynamic M260

Vocal and instrumental soloist microphone

  • in contrast to M130/M160 equipped with one ribbon
  • presence boost in the upper mid-ranges at 5 kHz provides a greater degree of implementation
  • wide frequency range
  • good impulse response
  • due to the hypercardioid pattern it can also be used in less suitable surroundings
  • the low-cut compensates the proximity effect
  • the item for hire is the flexible model. Unlike the new model 260.80 the bass roll-off can be switched off
  • manufacturing period: 1960-2013

Favourite applications: Because of the disengageable low-cut it is quite versatile (speech, vocals, woodwinds, for instance)

  • 1 Day11 €
  • 2 Days18 €
  • Weekend
    23 €