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Bang & Olufsen BM5

Bang & Olufsen BM5

Bang & Olufsen BM5

First stereo ribbon in the world

  • the B&O BM5 is composed of the models BM6 and BM7 which are plugged on top of each other
  • upper and lower part can be adjusted up to 90° to one another
  • role model for Royer Labs’ SF12
  • low hum sensitivity
  • round and pleasant tone
  • because of the figure-8 pattern it is predestined for Blumlein stereo (90°)
  • even with smaller angle adjustments one can achieve great results
  • when recording in stereo a good room acoustic is essential
  • the microphone for hire was overhauled by ribbon specialist Stewart Tavener (Xaudia)
  • manufacturing period: 1961-1972

Favourite applications: overhead, room mic, string ensembles, wind sections

  • 1 Day26 €
  • 2 Days44 €
  • Weekend
    57 €