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Royer Labs R121 Offet Ribbon Microphone

Royer Labs R121

Royer Labs R121

Icon of the ribbon mic revival

  • Royer's successful market launch of the R121 in 1998 marks the beginning of the ribbon renaissance that continues to this day
  • design inspired by the B&O BM3, which appeared in 1955
  • improved sensitivity thanks to modern neodymium magnets
  • figure-8 polar pattern
  • patented "offset-technology": the ribbon element in the magnetic gap is slightly positioned forward which leads to a measurable and audible difference in the high frequency response: "classic smooth" on the front, "modern brilliant" on the back
  • the R121 ranks in the bass response between the "thin" Beyerdynamic M160 and the "fat" Coles 4038
  • two rental copies (with exactly the same output level)
  • manufacturing period: since 1998

Favourite applications: The most frequently used ribbon microphone in professional studios in front of the guitar amp (R121 front). Next to the RCA 44BX and the Melodium 42B our ribbon mic of choice for wind instruments (brass: R121 front, wood: R121 back)

  • 1 Day24 €
  • 2 Days40 €
  • Weekend
    50 €