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Siemens Ela M25

Siemens Ela M25

Siemens Ela M25

Astonishingly good sounding ribbon microphone – one of the first to be developed 

  • the patent of the Ela M25 (1930) was the result of long research by Siemens & Halske whose technician invented the ribbon principle a few years prior to this
  • a crafty arrangement of resonant rooms provides for respectable reproduction even in high frequencies
  • very long aluminium ribbon
  • due to the huge ring magnet it is very heavy (4 kg!)
  • similar to a cardioid directional characteristic
  • low proximity effect
  • ribbon mic typical warm sound
  • the item for hire was equipped with new ribbons by ribbon expert Olaf Prinz
  • manufacturing start: 1930

Favourite applications: vocals, strings, guitar amp

  • 1 Day20 €
  • 2 Days34 €
  • Weekend
    44 €