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Neumann KM53

Neumann KM53

Neumann KM53

Neumann's first pencil microphone 

  • technical marvel: capsule, tube (AC701) and output transformer in a cigar-size body
  • omni pattern (pressure microphone)
  • equipped with the same capsule (KK53) as the famous Neumann M50
  • special capsule design with a minimal distance of the aluminum diaphragm to the back electrode provides an outstanding fine resolution
  • very detailed tone with an open top end (5 dB treble boost)
  • with the SBK130/21 sound diffraction sphere (Ø 40 mm) the KM53 features sound characteristics virtually identical to the M50
  • Decca Tree package with sphere attachments and bar are available for hire
  • manufacturing period: 1953-1968

Favourite applications: AB stereo, Decca Tree (ideal for micing orchestras and choirs), room (2x KM53 were used in echo chamber 2 of Abbey Road Studios)

  • 1 Day32 €
  • 2 Days54 €
  • Weekend
    70 €