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Neumann KM54

Neumann KM54

Neumann KM54

Ideal mic for the recording of plucked instruments

  • ultra-thin nickel diaphragm caused exceptional transient response
  • sophisticated capsule design provides frequency-stable cardioid pattern
  • very detailed resolution
  • useful frequency response: smooth bass roll-off compensates critical body resonances, while a treble boost at 8 kHz adds clarity and brilliance to the signal
  • tube type: AC701
  • sound-wise 100% identical with the KM254
  • manufacturing period: 1954-1969

Favourite applications: favourite mic for many renowned guitarists (Joe Satriani, Mark Knopfler, John Frusciante, Taylor Swift, Peter Weihe, Bryan Sutton).
First choice also for the recording of other plucked instruments like lute, mandolin or banjo. Furthermore used for piano/grand piano, overhead, vocalsspeech

  • 1 Day32 €
  • 2 Days54 €
  • Weekend
    70 €