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Neumann SM23

Neumann SM23

Neumann SM23

A milestone in the history of microphone development

  • the world's first stereo condenser microphone (SM2)
  • timeless, elegant design
  • in its time the most expensive Neumann studio microphone
  • basically consists of two KM56 (2x AC701 tubes)
  • the two capsules arranged on top of each other can be twisted against each other for any stereo width
  • the polar pattern can be switched over for every channel at the power supply unit
  • in contrast to the SM2, which is optically and sound-wise identical, the SM23 is operated with two psu's
  • manufacturing period: 1957-1966 (SM2), 1961-1966 (SM23)
  • This microphone is no longer available. An equivalent alternative is a Neumann KM56 Stereo Set

Favourite applications: high quality stereo recordings (X/Y, M/S, Blumlein); main microphone for orchestras; room mic; piano/grand piano, all plucked instruments; when used for mono recordings a belated mix of the directional responses is possible

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