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Neumann KM 56

Neumann KM56

Neumann KM56

One of the best pencil condenser microphones ever

  • very flexible application possible due to free selection of polar pattern (omni, cardioid, figure-8)
  • in the fifties it was Neumann’s most expensive microphone right after the stereo microphone SM2
  • in contrast to KM53 and KM54 one talks into it sideways
  • double diaphragm capsule as in the large-diaphragm microphones U47 or M49
  • nickel membranes identical to that of the KM54
  • with two KM56s all prevalent stereo techniques are possible
  • two capsules of the KM56 arranged on top of each other are the heart of the stereo microphones SM2 and SM23
  • clear and open sound (treble boost at 8-9 kHz)
  • manufacturing period: 1955-1970

Favourite applications: similar to KM54. Particularly suitable for recording plucked instruments, piano and overhead. Sometimes also used for vocals

  • 1 Day32 €
  • 2 Days54 €
  • Weekend
    70 €