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TAB Telefunken V376 Preamp

TAB V376 2-Channel Mic Preamp

Transistorised successor of the legendary TAB V76

  • preamplifier modules with V300 technology developed by TAB and AEG/Telefunken
  • completely based on discrete circuitry with silicon planar transistors
  • a total of 76 dB gain: 70dB gain roughly adjustable in 11 steps/additional continuously fine controller between 0 and 6 dB
  • high headroom: levels up to +22 dBm will be transmitted distortion-free
  • low noise
  • low-cut filter with cut-off frequencies 40, 80 and 140 Hz
  • transformer-balanced input and output
  • the TAB V376 combines detailed and balanced tone with a subtle vintage character similar to the previously released Siemens V276
  • the preamp modules were installed in a practical lunchbox and equipped with phantom power (front view)
  • with a special free rentable pad cable (-25 dB) the V376 is also perfectly suitable for working with line-level signals (synthesizers, electric pianos, drum machines, etc.)
  • weight (incl. Case): 6 kg
  • beginning of production: 1966
  • 1 Day26 €
  • 2 Days44 €
  • Weekend
    55 €