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Siemens V276 Preamp

Siemens V276 2-Channel Mic Preamp

German sixties broadcasting preamp with excellent transmission features

  • the Siemens V276 marks the final breakthrough of transistors in mixing console technology
  • completely based on discrete circuitry with the first generation of silicon planar transistors
  • altogether 86 dB gain
  • amplification adjustable with switch (rough) and poti (fine)
  • in comparison to the former germanium transistors there is a significantly higher headroom
  • low noise
  • low-cut filter with cut-off frequencies 40, 80 and 120 Hz
  • transformer-balanced input and output
  • powerful and clear tone with a pleasant vintage charm
  • weight (incl. Case): 12 kg
  • beginning of production: 1964
  • 1 Day26 €
  • 2 Days44 €
  • Weekend
    55 €