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Sennheiser MD441

Sennheiser MD441

Sennheiser MD441

One of the best dynamic microphones of all time

  • a directional microphone of complex design which is still handcrafted today
  • whole audible frequency range is transmitted largely uniformly
  • the acoustic characteristics are almost in accordance with those of a condenser microphone
  • supercardioid pattern
  • flexible adjustability options of the frequency response via a 5-step bass roll-off switch and a switch for brilliance which boosts the frequency range above 2 kHz
  • withstands high sound pressure levels
  • very good absorption of structure-borne noise
  • five items for hire
  • manufacturing period: since 1971

Favourite applications: very universally applicable;
first choice for snare, toms, hihat, overhead, percussion, brass instruments and saxophone. Sometimes also used for vocal recordings

  • 1 Day14 €
  • 2 Days24 €
  • Weekend
    31 €