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Sennheiser MD211

Sennheiser MD211

Sennheiser MD211

High-quality dynamic omni microphone with a nearly linear frequency response

  • famous for being the “Tom Jones microphone”. The name originated during his TV show “This is Tom Jones” (1968-1971)
  • convincing response to Beyerdynamics M100
  • up-market cylindrical body
  • very large frequency range
  • optimized for close micing (free field equalized)
  • compared to the MD21 it has only a slight mid-boost
  • bass roll-off below 150 Hz
  • insensitive to structure-borne noise
  • distortion-free transmission even at very high SPL
  • the items for hire are the model version MD211U (XLR)
  • manufacturing period: 1962-1988

Favourite applications: close micing of acoustic instruments, bass drum, speech, vocals

  • 1 Day8 €
  • 2 Days14 €
  • Weekend
    18 €